Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Charging into the future Part 3 - Story-Telling!

MAY 19, 2015


Do you like telling stories?  While I am not a great story teller, I enjoy making up stories on the fly.  Generally, I like telling stories to young children that also have a lesson in them.  There are hundreds of stories in this genre out there already, but it amazes me that there is always room for more.  In the past, I have used woodland creatures, but have an idea that encompasses all animals, and no, it is not about the ark.

In the blog, I hope to write about books that I am working on and to share ideas for books looking for feedback from my viewers.  I am excited for this hobby to take root and flourish.

A friend of mine, Jeff Patrick, is also a writer and has published a series of books.  Learn more at http://www.jeffpatrickbooks.com/

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