Tuesday, June 23, 2015

June 23, 2015

Talents, Blessings and Skills - Oh My!!

So you're sitting there, at work..... at home..... or at church and you hear a co-worker or a preacher or a commercial talking about their skills, or maybe the blessings they've received or maybe how a person is talented at something.

Have you thought about the fact that YOU are talented, have and can be a blessing and that your skills are God-given?  It's true!  But so many times, we overlook or don't give ourselves enough credit that God is in control and has placed these talents/blessings/skills in our persona/dna/being.  As a generalized statement, when we say someone is talented - we mean that they have possibly spent hour after hour working to perfect a skill, such as playing a sport or a musical instrument.  If they are not a "professional" utilizing this ability, then we might say they are skilled at that ability.  We generally think of blessings in the sense that it is a blessing to have received or given something from/to someone, usually material in nature, not action.

I am here to say - WE ALL HAVE TALENTS and SKILLS and God can call these BLESSINGS!  I said it in the first post and I am saying it again now because SO MANY people ignore that God has a PURPOSE FOR THEIR LIFE!

Generally, the issue becomes - do we let others know or more importantly, DO WE SHARE/UTILIZE OUR TALENTS/SKILLS WITH THOSE AROUND US OR IN NEED?!  Again, I ask - Do we bury our talents or do we invest them and allow them to grow?

So, let's look at this a little closer.  Talents can be the ability to cook, build, clean, provide comfort, organize, drive...  Skills can be the same thing, but maybe include a little additional work - writing, singing, welding, hunting....  Blessings, ahh, the one that gets us!  All that I mentioned previously are Blessings - something that can be shared with those around us that may be in need, thereby a blessing to the person(s) that receive the resulting product.

I have rambled on, but know that this is will be brought up again as it may be one of the most hidden and overlooked areas that GOD has put in our lives that we often choose to ignore.

May you have a blessed and bountiful day!

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