Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Charging into the future Part 5 - Family!

June 1, 2015


We all have them, some more than others, and sadly some, are possibly the last of their family.

We have different types of family - family family, school family, work family, social family and church family, just to name a few.  Some people, like myself, have multiple family families.  No matter what type of family, they all have one underlying thread - a common bond - whether it be our last name, our same school, our same civic group or our same church affiliation - we can and should belong somewhere.  It is vital to our well-being.  Even on the television show "Cheers", about a bar in Boston - the theme song stated, "...a place where everybody knows your name..."

The family should always be the strongest supporter of its family members - just like big
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brother protecting little sister or elders looking after the church membership or a supervisor looking out for their direct reports.  That common bond is the thread that behaves like superglue - it is what holds us together even though we might see things differently.

I hope to have more posts regarding how families interact and possibly even some things about my own family.  I don't believe any of this information will be of the cosmic level, but hope that my perspective my get the audience to think about the topic.

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